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Communication [Nov. 6th, 2006|12:01 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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Hells Gates ran a raid on RFD (Razorfen Downs, lvl 35-45) on Saturday night. All-in-all, it was a good run. There were no big conflicts and only one party wipe.

Advice: if you have anyone below level 35 in the party, have them hug the walls when in the valley near the end. We didn't know and some 400+ mobs swarmed us.

The only points of contention for this run were not knowing what everyone's expectations were. Only after all was said and done did anyone speak up of their frustrations and why they felt the way they did.

Obviously no one wants to hear complaints, but then how does any team learn to work together unless everyone is on the same mindset?

So, it is suggested that if anyone has a problem, regardless how small, say so. Explain why you see it as a problem and work out a solution. The solution may not be perfect, not everyone is, but at least everyone knows and can work to either resolve or work around the issue.

Now for the tactical bit of the game. Geistnacht adjusted the raid team into what works better for larger raids in higher level dungeons. We had a ten-man team and only two five-man groups were possible. However, we had 4 warriors, 2 preists, 2 rogues, a druid and a paladin. Lots of meat to take the brunt of the abuse. However, even with a large team there is still only to be 1 main tank and the rest are there for support.

So far with the game, it's been my experience that the highest level warrior is main tank. Next would be any warrior (unless low level for the dungeon). Next is any paladin, and on down through leather wearers and beyond.

There are even exceptions to the above suggestion. If the highest level warrior is Rage spec, then they are not going to hold Aggro very well and Mobs will deviate to other party members, typically healers. The best tank is Prot spec, but Arms/Prot or pure Arms can do well only because they can dish out a lot of damage.

What did this mean for our run on Sat? Well, I was running Arms/Prot spec, but Spartyn was pure Prot spec. Even when I hit a mob with every agg-generating hit I had, Spartyn held their agg because the higher Prot talents offer bonuses to aggro generating abilities. He could take agg from me just by walking by a mob. It was truely astounding.

So, after some discussion and taking care of a few minor misunderstandings everyone seems pretty satisfied.

Summary: Tell your team what's bothering you up front and get out the details of what's expected. Everyone will have more fun and the team will unify in ways that no other team can.

Good day, and good hunting
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Community Update [Nov. 2nd, 2006|07:35 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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I've just changed the settings so anyone can post and anyone can join. Since I haven't had any requests from guild members to join, I don't see any reason to maintain the restrictions.

However, for the random poster, I do maintain this site. Any postings that have not to do with the purpose of this community or are durogatory in any way will be removed.

Thank you.
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Dungeons and Loot - Part 2 [Nov. 2nd, 2006|07:31 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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Okay there were issues with the Scarlet Monestary run last week. A few people didn't fully understand the rules. So, I'd like to take this time, before this run this weekend, and clear some of the ideas up.

1. Looting should be fair among the party members. What this really means is share with your crawl-mates. If you notice that you're winning a lot of the random rolls for the loot, pass on the occasion, or maybe just give something to someone else who honestly had more need for the item. We're all supposed to be looking out for one another and this will prove to everyone that you're looking out for them.

2. Careful with your choice of need or greed. I certainly understand clicking the wrong option. Hey, I've done it myself. So, if you do hit the wrong button fess up. Let the party know it was a misclick and offer to random roll for it again. In the chat window type "/roll 100" and the system will generate the number for you.

3. if you do need an item, and this should only be considered need if you can immediately put it on and use it, let everyone know: "Hey, that's an upgrade for me." and even shift click your item into the window so the others see. It's all about trust. If you're honest, everyone else will be too. Besides, need wins over greed. If you do need it and everyone agrees, click it. If some one else had an equivelant need for the item then they'll hit need as well and it's more of a roll off between the two of you (or more).

4. Items that are Bind on Pickup (BOP) are typically most sought after. These are also the only items that can spark problems if someone misclicks on the roll screen. So, most parties have gone with a Pass-n-Discuss agreement that works more often than not. Essentially, pass on any BOP item that you're given a roll screen for. Then (when the fight with any remaining mobs is over), everyone will discuss who gets the item.

How to determine who is most worthy of a BOP drop...

A. Anyone who can use the item immediately and typically gets the greatest benefit from it.
B. If there is more than one player who can use it, they roll off using "/roll 100" = winner gets the item
C. if no one can use it immediately, or it is not an upgrade for anyone, next would be greed. Everyone who wants a chance at the item, to either melt or just sell, uses the "/roll 100" method.

So, depending on the kinds of responses we get during the run, this method will probably be the chosen course for Saturday's run (and most likely, any other dungeons in the future). If this does not work out there is another alternative.

Master Looter

Master Looter is a setting that the party or raid leader uses when they're not entirely sure of everyone's honesty. Any money looted is distributed automatically, just like with any other loot setting. However, all other loot, and I do men ALL (even gray items), goes to the party leader. The leader then distributes items according to need or greed. How does this work for BOP? Well, BOP items do not bind to the leader when looted. They will bind to whomever the leader gives the item to.

Round Robin

Round Robin is another loot setting that does not use any random rolls. It forces the loot to only be available to the next player in rotation, even greens and BOP. So, if it's not your turn in rotation when the big blue BOP item drops, you don't have a chance at it. The exception, of course, is when a player clicks on a dead mob and leaves loot behind. Then it's anyone's game.


Free-For-All is probably the most dangerous looting option because it makes loot available to everyone, period. Some of us are quite accustomed to [shift]-looting mobs that fall. We see the little sparkles and loot it. So, if everything is offering its loot to everyone and someone is looting due to such habits, it could lead to a break-down of the party and a failed crawl. So, I'd like to stay away from this one.

Okay, I think I've covered just about everything we can cover for loot in a dungeon. If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to post or shoot me an e-mail.

Good hunting,
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Scarlet Monestary dual Cathedral run... [Nov. 1st, 2006|11:09 am]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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After Saturday's run through Scarlet Monestary, I was a touch shaky. After having slept and thought about it, I realized the my personal views were skewed by the tension headache I ended the night with. Last night was different though. No tension headache. And we (Pav, Geist, Day, Art and I) had two fantastic runs through the Cathedral. And let me say, I'll never doubt the healing skills of Palidins again. Day and Art did fantastic jobs as duel healers and backup meat-sticks. Geist was his usually bouncy hand-grenadeness and Pav... Pav was a path of destruction all his own.

Great runs guys. Hope we can do it again.
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Recruitment [Oct. 26th, 2006|04:41 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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There's been a lot of talk lately about the methods and classes we should recruit. Honestly, the method of recruiting should be the same for each guild, find someone looking for a guild, work with them by running quests and dungeons together and get to know the person. Then once you have a good feel for their play style and basic personality (can't get too indepth there because you only have a chat window to go by...), the offer to join the guild can be made.

Of course the point is moot if the player has openly declared that they don't want to join a guild, and by all means, that's fine.

For Hells Gates, we should be open about what we're looking for and how our guild can both benefit from and offer help to the player being recruited. Here are some of the things we can offer:

* a wide range of characters in the mid range of level.
* eagerness to run dungeons and help each other with quests
* jovial conversation and banter that keeps even the most obtuse people engaged.

Honestly, we can offer more, so if anyone has any ideas, either join the community and post them, or e-mail them to me and I'll add them to this update.

Now, a lot of players have been asking what kinds of players or classes we should ask to join. From looking at the complete list on the occassion, I can say that we are in need of Priests, and Hunters. We've got a lot of active paladins and quite a few warriors already. Don't get me wrong. If you run into a paladin or warrior who really knows the class and they're looking for a guild, make the offer. You never know, they may have an alt in one of the classes we need.

Speaking of Alts. It was also suggested that each member of the guild declair a main character. I don't see how we can honestly benefit from this. I do have a main (Ral) and two alts (Seth and Pholboura). I could pull any of these characters up to play when the need is there (and they won't be a henderence to the requirement). So, I don't see any need for anyone to know that my main is Ral and the others are alts. They are my characters in the game and I enjoy playing them all.

Besides, some of you may be playing a certain character and may be asked to play that character for quests and dungeons but you've started a different class character and like it better. There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone should understand that we each are individuals and as a guild are more than a sum of our members. So, if you have an alt that you prefer, by all means, play it. Get him/her up to level and let everyone know that that is your new main. it happens.

Okay... back to recruitment.
Now, depending on what class the potential recruit is and how well they play, there are so many benefits we could gain from their joining the guild. Obviously we don't want to look needy, so mentioning how they can add to the guild should be an off comment. Make it like we could use their help but it's not an absolute must. Who knows, they may just want to run with us, get a feel for how we do things and once they've made a decision, join up. Some will jump at the change to join a lower level guild and others will be hesitant.

Think about it. We don't have any 60's at all. The highest level character we have is 55. So that will make some PRs (Potential Recruits) leary. Others will see it as a big opportunity and we should present it that way. Yeah we're lower level, that just means once we hit 60, so will you, cause will drag you up with us (joking). And then prove it. Invite them on dungeon runs or quests.

The one thing I really like seeing, and this will impress some recruits, is how some of us have offered to help out anyone who needs it before running off to work on their own quests and stuff. I've been guilty for not making the offer myself, but then, I've only just hit level 40. :D I'll be making that offer more only because I'm collecting stuff to sell so I can get my mount. In turn that allows me to get to you faster... Anyway. Making the offer to help others out is something I didn't see at all in my old guild, so it is impressive.

Alright, I think I've spewed out enough stuff here. If anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or whisper me during the game.

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Safefty Tips [Oct. 20th, 2006|04:29 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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Running with Hells Gates, I've realized that some of the members are newbies to the game. Nothing wrong with that unless you've never played an MMORPG before...

Keep in mind, these are merely suggestions. Everyone has their own style of play and if you find something that works for you, go for it. The game is for having fun, not hounding others about being bad players.

That said, here are some tips, for tactics with groups and when running solo.

General for dungeons:
Stay with your group. If you think it's moving too slow, that's probably because the group hasn't gotten a good rhythm going. Once it does, the dugeon will be a lot easier and soon you'll wonder how you finished so quickly. If you wonder away from the group to go get that mob over there... then something could happen that could wipe out the entire party. It's not usually any one party memebers fault, but you're a team. Look out for one another and be patient. After the dungeons finished, chat with the team a bit. Offer suggestions that might help if you team up again in the future.

No Priest for Dungeon:
This is a tough one. If you have a non-priest healer, such as a Paladin or Druid, be patient with the slower healing times. These other classes can do the job, they can even rez characters, so cut em some slack and make sure they stay up. It would also probably help if everyone goes and buys or makes healing potions to use on the fly. Don't depend completely on these because there is a 2 minute cooldown for potions.

Tanking vs 2nd Tank:
What I mean here is some players are used to being the Tank for a group. That means, they take all (or most) of the damage while everyone helps to kill off the mobs involved. Warriors are best for this but other classes can sub. Paladins and even Druids in bear form can tank. I even know a Rogue who can tank. Now, a 2nd Tank would be the second in the group that can take a lot of damage. A lot of times, you don't have one, so work out the details before heading into a dungeon. It should be someone who can make sure the healer of the group stays up so they can rez the main tank and anyone else who's gone down.

Class specific:

Okay, I'm going to need some help here because I haven't played every class out there. Obviously I know warriors, so I'll save that for last.

Rogues: I've gotten a lot of info from Nyghtwalcer about rogues. He should know his stuff, he's a lvl60 rogue.
Depending on what spec you end up using, you'll probably fill the role of either 2nd Tank or Healer protector. Rogues can deal a lot of damage real fast, which makes for killing mobs real fast. The problem is, Rogues are light in armor and hit points. So for those who are working with a Rogue, try not to be too upset if they pull a vanish and the mobs aggro is directed at you. They were probably low on hit points, and without a healer present, you'd be all alone. As it is, the rogue can hide, bandage and return faster than running back as a ghost and rezzing... there will be times you'll be thankful for that.
For you rogues, as a healer protector, what I mean is you go out and get behind a mob to backstab, or whatever sneak-attack you have. Most of the time, you're looking back at the healer of the group as you do this. It's the perfect view to keep an eye on them and rush to their aid should a mob attack them.
As 2nd Tank, you'll help the main Tank take down mobs more quickly. Once in a while you'll even pull aggro from the Tank because you've exceeded how much damage they've done. Don't worry too much. A good tank will have some method of regaining that aggro and you won't go squish.

Hunters: Another friend of mine has a lvl60 hunter. Some of her playing style makes perfect sence. Then again, I don't have a hunter, so I haven't explored other styles.
Tank: My suggestion is to train your pet to be a tank. Let them take all the damage and aggro they can handle. You can always rez them (unless you go down too). Healers, most of the time, don't worry about the hunter's pet. The hunter can heal it. Focus on the rest of the group because more than likely, the hunter is the 2nd tank as well as tank.
2nd Tank: that's right, you can fill both roles if your pet is beefed up to be a tank. You spec for range and stand (get this) behind the healer as you shoot your bow or gun. You are right there if the healer needs you. Again, if you go with a different spec, your tactics will be different but effectively you'll have a fast acting aid should the healer need it.
When working with a Hunter, look for the bouncing red arrow above a target. It's the hunters mark and it helps the group focus all its attack power on that one mob. It makes for a fast kill.

Druids: I have a lvl19 druid (Setharion). Though I don't have the upper level experience, I've seen some other druids in action and I have to say the combination of combat forms plus spells can be devastating.
Soloing: I'll usually use some 3sec cast spell to draw in a mob, hit em with fairy fire once they start my way and be in bear form by the time they get to me. True, I'm low on rage in bear form but with them usually already hurting, it won't take much more to put them down.
Group: Druids can play tank in bear form. Since you can also heal, you can usually maintain yourself and let the main healer of the group handle the rest. Take a few healing potions anyway. Though you can't use them in your animal forms, they could save you since your casting time for healing is longer than the priests. Same goes for being the healer of the group. Use food and bandages between fights and save your mana for necessity during the fight.

Mage: (I know there are a lot of these in the guild) I'm not offering anything more than... cast, run, cast, run, cast, run
If anyone has suggestions feel free to post them.

Warlock: This is what my friend calls the "easy-button" class. At about level four you have a small critter shooting at stuff for you. At level ten, you get your own personal tank. Then at level 40, like a paladin, you get a mount. The real secret here? there isn't one, You cast, maybe run, rez your little or big friend, and then repeat. When in a group though, you can use some of the same tactics as a hunter. Send out your blue floating tank to... well, tank, while you stay around the healer to pull away any mobs that try to take them down. The balance here? a Warlock can only wear cloth armor. Don't take me wrong. Warlocks are probably no easier to level than any other class.

Priest: I've run with a few priests, and acting as tank or 2nd tank, I've seen some silly things. I have a level 21 priest as well, and have been frustrated when acting as healer for a dungeon group. My suggestion for holy spec priests: patience. You must be patient with the group you're trying to keep alive and you must be patient with yourself. For me, it may not be an option to be holy spec, so that may change for Pholboura, but I know Geistnochtod has lvl60 priests on I-don't-know-how-many other servers. If you want good pointers for playing a preist, he's the guy to talk to.

Paladin: A warrior with healing. You'd think it would be a great combo, but where they gain healing and protection stuff, they lose the ability to pull aggro instantly. Yeah, they can take a beating and heal themselves, but they have to deal enough damage to pull agg off of other characters. And that can be tough, especially if the rogue of the group gets a really lucky shot with a backstab...

Shaman: Okay, none of us can play this class... yet. When the expansion arrives, I'll be more than happy to make a shaman. I have a lvl16 shaman on Scarlet Crusades server and I've had a lot of fun playing him. Something like the Druid, there's a great combo of spells and extras. The druid can shift into other forms, but the shaman's totums can be like little pets helping out in different ways. And if you use combinations of totums (one from stone, one from fire, etc) then you can take on several mobs at once even though you only wear leather! Yeah, they get mail armor at level 40, but I'm a long ways away from that.
Obviously shamans can be the healer of the group, but they are the least equiped for it. Paladins can fight off mobs while healing you, Druids have instant cast and bigger healing spells, but shamans only have the one, 5 sec heal. You're better to get him to take the aggro from you than keep you alive with healing. Again, I'm only level 16, so if anyone else has a higher level shaman and knows whether the healing abilities get better, please, step right up and say so.

and... Warriors: Okay, I could go on for hours (or pages) just on warriors.
Tank: you want all of the mobs' attention. The rest of the party is there to take the mobs down faster and keep you alive while doing so. Since warriors have more armor and hit points than anyone else (except maybe paladins) you can take it. You're even equiped to dish it back out. If you have too, use the Tab key to cycle through the muliple mobs and hit each one in turn. You also have other specials that will hit 2 or more with one swipe (such as cleave). Another reason to keep the mobs aggro: Rage. With so many hitting you, that rage bar will go to max and demand more room. This frees you up from having to wait for enough rage to use your special abilities.
2nd Tank: It won't happen often, but sometimes you'll group with another warrior or a high level class who can tank for the group. That's fine, stay near the priest and take all the aggro they generate.
Solo: There is a fine rythm to soloing. You can clear out an entire population quickly when you get into a good groove. My favorite is using Battle stance with either a 2h weapon or duel weilding. Charge one mob, hit Blood rage. Now, beat on the mob without using any special abilities. By the time you've killed it, your rage bar should be nearly full. Now, find your next target, charge and hammer away. After about 3 or 4 mobs, you might have to stop to either bandage or eat something for health. Then when you're ready, start again.
More suggestions: You'll want to learn as many different weapons types as possible. maybe even keep lowbie weapons in the bank to practice with on lowbie critters because once in a while a weapon will drop that will make you drool all over your boots. If you've been practicing, you can pick it up and put it to use right away.
After about level 20, you'll want to keep your armor up as high as possible. I'll normally buy up a new piece or two at every level. Sometimes I'll even get a drop that's an upgrade. Since I'm not replacing everything all-at-once, it's cheaper and keeps me from going down too quickly.
Practice all of your stances too. There are some skills/spells that only work when you are in specific stances. For soloing, there's Battle and Berserker stance, for Tanking, there is Defense stance. Though I have used Battle stance successfully while being the tank of a group. With each stance there are different tactics. Primarily because you have different skills/spells. You can't charge in Defense or Berserker stance, but you can hit blood rage and intercept in Berserker stance. So, the tactic is a little different. Personally, I don't like Defense stance unless I know we're about to take on 4 or more mobs. However, if the group is doing things right, only one or two will ever get pulled at a time.
I know I'm not the best warrior player out there. I've heard tale of others who can tank or solo like nobody's business. So, if something here doesn't look right, or you disagree, feel free to say so. This is a forum for discussion and I'm not the only warrior out there. I'm not even lvl60 yet.

Group Tactics...

Okay, here's a scenario that I've seen work countless times. A rogue and a hunter working together. The rogue goes sneaky and gets to a target the hunter has already marked. When the rogue appears, because he's just tagged the target, the hunter sends their pet and starts shooting. Very quickly the target goes down and the cycle repeats.

This also works well with a rogue and warrior. The rogue goes sneaky and the warrior stands within charge range. As soon as the rogue appears, the warrior charges. Poof! dead mob!

Party leader suggestion...
If your the part leader, use the raid features while in the dungeon. A favored tactic is to mark one mob with something (like the orange shield) and then everyone attacks the other guy. Why? because the mage in the group will turn the marked mob into a sheep. The mob will still be marked and everyone can use that identifier to steer clear of him till the first mob is dealt with. Then when all is ready, gang up on the poor little sheep.
Those marks can be accessed by selecting the desired targe, right click on it's picture and then choosing whichever mark you want. Careful though, only one type of mark per critter. If you use the skull on one mob and then try to use the skull on a seconde right next to the first, the first will lose it's mark.

Once again, I'd like to say that these are suggestions. No one is trying to force anyone to play their character in any specific way. So, have fun, and if you have a tactic or suggestion, feel free to post it. Or you can e-mail it to me and I'll post it for you.

Have fun, and good hunting,
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Razorfen Kraul [Oct. 17th, 2006|02:04 am]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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Fantastic run with Geistnacht, Mavenn and Daytrader! I only wish Thaeden could have stayed. ;D Don't worry Thaeden, we'll get you through there one night.

Good night and good hunting!
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2006|01:29 pm]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild


greetings all, my main is Nyghtwalcer (didn't see that commin' did ya) level 60 NE Rogue, but in the guild I have: Morassabe 34 NE warrior; Mavenn 30 NE Druid; and Nyghtsting 22 NE Rogue
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Introduction [Oct. 16th, 2006|07:58 am]
Hells Gates, World of Warcraft Guild

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Introducing the Community site for Hells Gate - World of Warcraft Guild (Silver Hand).

Post here when you have offline questions or want to scheduel dungeon runs.

As part of the introduction, I'll post my main and alt...

Ralnautikuus, Night Elf, Warrior 37, Arms/Def spec, Blacksmithing/Mining
Pholboura, Night Elf, Priest 21, Heal spec, Tailoring/Skinning
I also have several other alts who are not members of the guild, but I'm willing to use them to further Guild support.
Setharion, Night Elf, Druid 19, Feral spec, Leatherworking/Skinning
Oleary, Human, Rogue 10
Osarah, Human, Warlock 9
Somerset, Human, Mage 9

As members join, please add your character info - or at least your characters name because I know that not everyone will use character names for Live Journal. This helps because most of the time, everyone else only knows you as your character name.

To new members, welcome, to founding members of the guild - contact me and I'll add you to the moderators list.

I hope this helps to add to the depth of the game and allows all to give the vital input the founding members have spoke of. Just remember, we're all trying to have fun and accomplish our goals.

Have fun and good hunting.
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